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Publish and draft branded templates

After preparing your branded template, you can either publish it so it can already be used by your team or draft it, which makes it unavailable yet to be used by your team.

To do this, click save or back button after you are done with your template. If you want it to be published, choose Yes, this is ready when asked if your template is ready for distribution. Choose No, keep as draft if you don't want to publish your template to your team yet.

You may publish or unpublish your template later on on the Templates screen. Just click the three-point icon on the lower right corner of each template and toggle the on or off switch if you'd like it to publish or unpublish.

You may also publish or unpublish your template by collection by toggling the on or off switch of the collection. If your template is published when you publish the collection, it will be available to your team. If your template is unpublished, it wouldn't get published even if the collection has just been republished.

Publishing collection can also be scheduled and you may opt to notify users about the collection. You can also make it available for all linked workspaces.