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The differences between paying a license and paying per use

Paying for your users' actions instead of a license will give them a guest role in your workspace.

The main differences between a guest and a member (an end-user that is paid for via license) are the following:

  • Guests aren't allowed to import PDFs to create their designs (which means they can only create them from blank or from one of your templates).
  • Guests don't have a space to store their personal assets.
  • Guests don't have access to your assets when outside the editor (Logos, Colors, Images, etc.). You can however give them access within the editor depending on the restrictions you set for your templates.
  • Guests need action buckets in order to share, download, or print a file.

What is an Action Bucket?

The action bucket is a pay-as-you-go option to use towards the shares, downloads, or prints of the guests you invite for free. Once they share or print or download a file they created, that action is deducted from your bucket. You can choose to limit the number of actions per user and upgrade to a bigger bucket if you run out.