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The different types of user roles and permisssions


Admins are people in the organization who create and manage campaigns, templates, and assets. They are normally designers, brand & marketing managers.


Members are people who can personalize marketing materials with a license to share, print, and download files unlimitedly. They are normally the marketing team, key staff members, sales reps, local stores, or anyone else in the organization who needs to produce content on a regular basis.


Guests are people who can edit your marketing materials, without you having to pay a per-user fee. Add a guest action bucket to your account & only pay per action when they share, download, or print a file.

What is an Action Bucket?

The action bucket is a pay-as-you-go option to use towards the shares/downloads/prints of the guests you invite for free. Once they share or print or download a file they created, that action is deducted from your bucket. You can choose to limit the number of actions per user and upgrade to a bigger bucket if you run out.