Shutterstock Images

Know how to use Shutterstock images

What are Shutterstock images?

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock images, vectors, and illustrations. When you are on the Images screen, you will see that Desygner's image search is powered by Shutterstock.

Working with Shutterstock images

The way you can search for and use Shutterstock images depends on your Desygner subscription.

Free Plan

When you're on a Free plan, you can search for the Shutterstock images by clicking on Filters and then selecting Shutterstock. Once you have set this filter, Shutterstock paid images are going to display on your search result and you can purchase them using your credit card.

Pro+ Plan

When you are on a Pro+ plan, there are over 96 million premium Shutterstock images, vectors, and illustrations available for you. There are Pro+ resources that you can get for free when you're on the plan while there are also over 200 million more paid images that you can buy for only $5 each.

Business Plan

When you are on a Business plan, you have access to almost around 125 million premium Shutterstock images, vectors, and illustrations. 23 million of these are focused on business. You also have access to paid images that you can purchase for $5 each.

What happens if I buy a Shutterstock image? Can I use it everywhere and as I want?

When you buy a Shutterstock image, you would get the license for the image and the images that you get will also be stored in your Assets, under Images.

As a user, it is your responsibility to make sure that the images that you use are according to Copyright Laws. Learn more about Shutterstock image usage terms in the last section.

Can I refund a Shutterstock image that I have purchased?

Desygner does not offer refunds for Shutterstock images that have been purchased.

Shutterstock image usage terms

Using Shutterstock images

In order to comply with the legal requirements as set out in each license for use of any Shutterstock image, you must agree to the following:

  • You may not use the content as a trademark for a business;
  • You may not portray a person in a way that may be offensive, including: in connection with adult-oriented services or ads for dating services; in connection with the promotion of tobacco products; in connection with political endorsements; with pornographic, defamatory, unlawful, offensive or immoral content; and as suffering from, or being treated for, a physical or mental ailment; and
  • You may only use the content in campaigns and content created on Desygner, and not with other websites or content services.

Updates to this notice
These Shutterstock image usage terms may be updated from time to time without prior notice.