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Why certain elements look slightly different from my original PDF file

Fonts look different

Fonts may look different if you chose a replacement font that is different in size and shape from the one used in your PDF. To avoid this issue, upload the original font during the PDF import process.


Images and elements look different

PDF files generally have a lot of layers and formatting and every software program reads each item differently. The conversion of PDF files back into editable designs is an involved and complex process, which is sometimes not perfect due to the vast number of ways to produce PDFs.


Colors of some images look different

We only support images that were exported in RGB. If you imported a PDF with a CMYK image, the colors may appear a bit different from the original (CMYK is for printing and RGB is for the screen). You can always replace any image you like within the editor.

We are working hard to minimize these differences and encourage you to let us know of any quirks you find.